Members of ECVS work together, across the whole of the county and in area clusters, to support the voluntary and community sector in Essex and Southend. Some examples of this work in action:

Community Money Marketplace
A major Essex-wide funders fair and training event held bi-annually which provides access to and information about a variety of local, regional and national funders and supporters.

Centres of Excellence
In 2010, as part of a wider modernisation action plan, CVSs in Essex undertook extensive research to assess the needs and gaps in support provision to the voluntary sector in Essex.

Communications : A PDF of the final report is available here. Work continues to develop the identified actions (this website being one of them).

Community Accountancy: a PDF of the final report is available here. A Community Accountancy project for Essex has now been established and is working across all districts to offer a range of very affordable financial services to charities, voluntary and community groups.

Funding Advice: a PDF of the final report is available hereCVSs have now established a rota to produce a monthly funding opportunities bulletin available to their members.

Training12 CVSs in Essex and Southend already work in partnership in support of the established independent charity Voluntary Sector Training (VST).  VST supports the training needs of the paid staff and volunteers of voluntary and community organisations of all sizes across Essex. Find out more by visiting

Building a better future for Essex: a PDF about ECVS is available here.