The aims of Essex CVS association (ECVS) are:

  • To agree upon and present a collective county-wide CVS voice to relevant stakeholders
  • To co-operate in strengthening the voluntary sector of Essex as a whole
  • To promote the value of the work of CVS in the county of Essex
  • To explore and progress opportunities where CVS can work collaboratively
  • To communicate ideas and information amongst each other
  • To share values, information and best practice with each other
  • To provide peer-support to each other.

You can download the terms of reference of ECVS here.

ECVS is committed to equality of opportunity, participation, co-operation and involvement and seeks to:

  • Encourage its members to collaborate with each other where possible, rather than compete, and to explore areas and ways of working where duplication can be minimised/avoided
  • Apply the principle of subsidiarity where possible; ECVS role is to enable infrastructure service provision through its members or other stakeholders, rather than ECVS being the direct service provider
  • When necessary, and with the agreement of ECVS members, individual CVSs may host projects for the benefit of ECVS members or the wider VCS in Essex¬†
  • Share responsibility across its membership for ECVS activities
  • Promote, implement, and uphold the principles of the local and Essex Compact and supporting Codes.